RVing Lifestyle- Great way to see America

RVing Lifestyle- Great way to see America

RVing Lifestyle- Great way to see America

The RVing Lifestyle is a great way to see America. It’s a way for families to be together, while continually learning about our great country. But RVing is not limited to USA, exploring Canada or Mexico can be just as rewarding. And, if you are traveling abroad, you can rent an RV in most countries and see that country at your leisure.

Do you enjoy travel but hate packing suitcases, and changing hotel rooms frequently? Does eating out tax your travel budget?

RVing is traveling in your home on wheels. Eating your own food when you want and lets you sleep in your own bed every night.

Ask most any RVer what the like best about the RV lifestyle and, they will likely say they love the freedom that RVing allows them. RVing is being able to go where you want and stay as long as you want. Drive as long as you want, then stop and rest, eat a meal or just a snack, watch TV or take a nap. There are lots of Rest Areas along your way.

If you are traveling with children and or pets then a rest area is a good place for them to run and play so they are ready for the rest of the trip. If you are traveling in a motorhome then they can watch TV or play video games while you are traveling which makes their trip more enjoyable.

If you find a town, park or region you particularly like, you can stop, park the RV and spend as much time there as you like and always be at home.

Perhaps you have heard about boondocking–camping without hookups.  All modern RVs are made to be independent rv park-based resources. Today’s RVs have a fresh water storage tank, and holding tanks for waste, one from the toilet and one from the shower and sinks. They also have a house battery or batteries to supply 12-volt electricity to the RV and often a generator to provide power to 120-volt appliances and 12-volt systems, and to recharge the batteries. Boondocking may be the ultimate example of the RVing lifestyle freedom.

Whether your RVing lifestyle will be weekend family camping, longer RVing vacation trips, or full time RVing,  you are sure to experience freedom only an RV can offer.

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